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The therapists who office at Maverick Street Counseling Offices provide individual, family and marital counseling.  At the present time no group therapy is being provided. 

Client populations served includes children, adolescents and adults, including geriatrics. 

Mental Health practitioners work on an interdisciplinary basis.  This means that the individual or family therapist a client is seeing can, with proper release of information, coordinate care with that client’s psychiatrist, family doctor, psychologist, dietician, school psychologist or counselor, hospital staff, or other professional as appropriate.  This coordination of information helps insure that all individuals involved in a client’s care are working toward the same long term goals with the least amount of interference and interruption.  If medication management is indicated in treatment, the client is referred to a psychiatrist or back to his or her family practice physician or pediatrician.   

 All services offered at the Maverick Street Counseling Offices are confidential.